Cherrybalmz Black Rifle Balm

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Cherry Balmz Black Rifle Balm is optimized for center fire rifles and handguns.  Black Rifle Balm is a lightweight grease with a consistency of about an NLGI #0, which is roughly the consistency of a mayonnaise, only creamy and stringy - excellent for application and staying put in unsealed, sliding systems.


What you get out of a bottle of this grease is roughly 30,000 rounds of shooting, with unmatched reliability - the little $16.99 bottle will cover about $15,000 in shooting. It is extremely efficient.


One application provides 5-10x more shooting over any gun oil, in the harshest environments - a gun which may normally start experiencing malfunctions at 300-400 rounds commonly gets 4000+ rounds without a single friction-related malfunction with our lubricants. Until someone experiences this, it's genuinely hard for them to internalize just how much more reliable their guns can be. And should be.


The difference is especially stark with finicky guns - as long as ammo and magazines are good, we find that about 95% of malfunctions are friction related, and nothing lowers friction in a gun better than our lubricants. You will notice an instant and substantial reliability enhancement - this is especially appreciated by shooters of tight, highly accurate 1911's, and guns of a rougher make. 


As a grease, our products stay wet and stay put. If you lube your firearm with Black Rifle Balm, you can come back a year later and find it right where you applied it, as wet as the day you put it there on the friction surfaces. These same properties keep it in place over the course of firing cases of rounds of ammo.


You only need about 4-6 dips of the brush cap to lubricate an entire handgun - it goes a long way. Shooting, cleaning, and re-lubricating a handgun once a month, one bottle will last several years.

One bottle is included with the purchase.

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