H3 5.6oz Tungsten Heavy Buffer

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There are many ways to smooth the operation of a suppressed/big bore AR-15 Carbine. One of the most cost effective and quickest upgrades available, is the installation of a H3 tungsten buffer. The H3 utilizes three dense tungsten weights to achieve the 5.6 ounce buffer weight. There are many added benefits once you install a H3 buffer. Benefits include: increased reliability, reduced wear and tear on critical internal parts, reduction in felt recoil, and reduction in bolt bounce. Manufactured to meet the highest quality, H3 Heavy Tungsten Buffers are a great option for the AR-15 platform.

  • 3 High Density Tungsten weights
  • Weight accuracy may vary (5.5-5.7oz)
  • Increases weapon reliability
  • Reduces wear of critical internal parts
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Negates bolt bounce

ITAR: International Traffic in Arms Regulations Controlled Product

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