Once Fired .223/5.56x45 100 Count

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Part Number:556-BRASS-100
There are various selections of all .223/5.56 Once Fired Range brass.  Once Fired .223 Commercial only, 5.56 Lake City, 5.56 Mixed Head-Stamp. 100 Count

This is brass we used for test firing rifles, uppers and BCG's.

Attention should be given to the type of casings you are reloading.  Each .223 REM and 5.56x45/NATO Military casing has specific reload data for each type of round.  Please check for the specifics of your rifle and make sure you are loading and firing under the correct reloading specifications as to avoid damage to your rifle.

You will also encounter a percentage of crimped primers in 5.56 rifle casings (typical among military rounds).  This does not guarantee all .223 REM (commercial) rounds will not have a crimped primer pocket, but the likelihood is far less as compared to ordering mixed .223/5.56 casings or 5.56 NATO (military casings).  You must Swage all crimped primer pockets prior to seating a new primer.  *SWAGING is a process that flattens out crimped primer pockets so that a new primer can be seated.  Various manufacturers sell both swaging bench punches as well as swaging dies for this purpose.

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