Pin & Weld Muzzle Device

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Permanently attach a muzzle device to bring the OAL to 16”, or AWB Compliance. We only pin and weld, we will not remove any existing pinned & welded muzzle devices.


Our process:


  • Drill a 3/32" hole in the supplied muzzle device.
  • Install the muzzle device on our barrel or your supplied barrel. We take into account any shims or crush washers.
  • We drill a dimple into barrel threads for pinning.
  • Check the height of the 3/32" long hardened steel pin.
  • We tig weld the muzzle device and carefully fuse the pin using a shielded in Argon gas to prevent weld contamination or inclusions. This will meet the ATF permanent attachment requirement.


Remember to send your barrel nut and gas block if not using a MA handguard.


We will not pin & weld any titanium or aluminum muzzle devices.

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