If you purchase a firearm from another dealer, the selling dealer will need a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) before your firearm can be shipped/transferred to us. Please note: We do not accept transfers from individuals, only dealers.

When you come to get your firearm, we will provide you with a Form 4473 to fill out. The rightful owner of the firearm MUST be the one to fill out the form. We will verify the form has been filled out correctly and then submit a background check. Once the background check has been approved and payment for the transfer is made, you can leave the store with the firearm. Please allow 24 hours to process your firearm once we receive it.

Transfer's will need to be pick up within 10 days from date of delivery to MA Defense. Firearms not picked up within the 10 day limit will be charged a $25 storage fee. Firearms left over 30 days will be considered abandoned and will become property of MA Defense.

$20.00 transfer fee ($15.00 for active/Retired LEO/.MIL) for up to three firearms, $5.00 for each additional firearm
NFA Transfers are $100.00. No fee for NFA items purchased from us.

No transfer fee will be charged if you are also purchasing a firearm from us at the same time as long as the number of guns being transferred in equals 2 or less.

There will be a 30% processing fee on all controlled items returned because of failed background checks.

If you are ordering a Rifle or complete lower receiver, before your order ships, we must receive a signed copy of an FFL for the firearm(s) or components purchased. Please e-mail licenses to [email protected] or mail to 7724 County Road 1228 Godley, TX 76044. Licenses on file with MA Defense are not required unless we notify you otherwise. Licenses are not required for accessories. 

*Due to federal regulations, guns and complete lower receivers can only be shipped to federal firearms license (FFL) holders. If you are not an FFL holder, you can contact your local gun store for their FFL information, and we will ship the product to their location. If your rifle is being shipped to CA, CT, HI, MD, MA, NJ, NY, or WA, please contact us for special arrangements.